Kirsten Longmeier

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tell us about your massage school and other trainings: 

My introduction to bodywork training was 18 years ago in Chaing Rai, Thailand at the Sunshine Network of Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga. This was an excellent training and opened my mind up to Eastern and Ayurvedic principals and philosophies. After receiving a BA in International Development, I studied and graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2010. Since then, I’ve completed certification programs and studied with wonderful and highly skilled teachers:


  • Advanced Myofascial Trainings (CAMT I) program with Til Luchau
  • Maternity Massage Certification with Leslie Stager,
  • The Carol Gray Center for CranioSacral Studies: Subtle Hands, Basics, Beyond the Basics
  • Etienne Piersman CranioSacral Academy: CST for Babies and Small Children, CST for The Sphenoid
  • Liz Koch : Psoas training

What bodywork are you currently studying?

I’m focusing on working with the modalities of manual craniosacral therapy for adults, small children and infants. It is extremely rewarding to support babies and parents in the early days of infancy. Both my children received A LOT of craniosacral therapy for mouth restrictions when they were newborns. Having the opportunity to share this form of therapy with wee ones is an honor and I’m grateful to parents for seeing the value of CST for their children.

An online membership that I’m currently engaged with is through an incredible anatomist, Gil Hedley, who offers integral anatomy teachings and dissection labs.

I also have a training coming up later this year with Carol Gray for Somato Emotional Release and CranioSacral Therapy.

What do you want people to know about their body?

What a mysterious, sacred, intelligent organism we are! I would love for people to know that their bodies are here for them- full of lymph, blood, connective tissue, stem cells, ect- there are billions of cells constantly regenerating, cleansing, reconnecting to one another, seeking a state of wholeness and wellness. We’re amazing. Life is amazing.


What do you want people to know about health and wellness?

For so long, these words, health and wellness, have been relegated to a small branch of mainstream culture. It’s heartening to see this movement grow and become a priority for many people today. As we currently rewrite our culture story , we are finding ways to make sense of health and wellness in all areas of our lives, bringing it beyond the gym and massage table. Health and wellness do not have to cost money and whatever time it takes, we should prioritize our health

Self-Care Advice

Your mental health matters. Your physical health matters. Your emotional health matters. This one body you get to inhabit is really, REALLY precious. The more you carry compassion for yourself, self-care will come more easily. Self-care is not just one more thing to add to the to-do list- it’s the work of our lifetime. So take good care of yourself whether it’s napping, counseling, dancing, eating slowly, putting your phone away for a while, bodywork, stretching, make art, the list is endless.

What is your favorite system in the body?

I’m still chipping away at learning the multiple systems in the body so I don’t necessarily have a favorite at this time. I plan on teaching a workshop later this year on the heart, so I’m really engaging with and appreciating the circulatory system and the intricacies of arteries and veins. Did you know that our blood spirals through these pathways similar to a vortex? The heart is far from a mechanical pump…

Favorite thing to do in Sandpoint?

I love eating at City Beach Organics. I love swimming and hanging out at Sunnyside and I love taking walks around town or on the outskirts with friends.