Renae Haug

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tell us about your massage school and other trainings: 

My journey into body work began in the form of fuel for our magical body. I spent some of my more formative years with my hands handling salmon, fishing in the wilds of Alaska. Followed by years of kneeling in the dirt growing acres of organic vegetables, feeding hundreds of people in my local community. This decade of my life, growing/harvesting food, using my body so intimately and nourishing my body with this fuel I was tending to, intrigued me in learning more about the whole body & the value of touch for the human body.
I attended a 12 month program here in Sandpoint at North Idaho Massage Academy. Before attending massage school I attended level I & II Reiki Trainings.

What bodywork are you currently studying?

One of the beautiful things about bodywork is there is always something new to learn! Research is constantly changing, pairing this with each individual body, it's a world of unknowns! I enjoy taking my day to day client interactions to expand my knowledge of the body. Hearing people's stories of injuries, discomforts, chronic pain or non-ideal body movement invites me to delve into researching & understanding specific to that client to find the root of the problem.
I have attended & continue to take classes with Etienne Perisman learning of the Craniosacral system & classes in Advanced Myofascial Training with Til Lucau. I was fortunate to also attend a Mayan Abdominal Massage course with Laura Clemmons which I would love to continue to study in. .



What do you want people to know about their body?

Love & listen to your body! Learn to listen to YOUR body & find what best nourishes your body in that moment. Our bodies are on a constant path of change, the change is cellular every second & though we can't see it or feel it immediately trusting that there is change happening. With this constant change, if provided the nourishment, our bodies have the tools to heal itself. Love your body in all forms of change, in the hardest of times our body is teaching us something!


What do you want people to know about health and wellness?

I think the term health & wellness tends to be thought of as going to the gym or attending a class which I believe is an element of health & wellness but I feel like the more we can weave it into our everyday life, the more holistic. Weaving it throughout the day in the interactions we have with others, finding time to move our bodies (hopefully in nature!), the food we choose to fuel our bodies with, the time we set aside for reflection & thought, the time we allow for rest & relaxation, saying "no" when something doesn't serve us in the moment and the time we prioritize what makes our heart feel good to me is, health & wellness.

Self-Care Advice

Take care of yourself first! Don't be hard on yourself when it feels like you should have or could have done something different. Use these moments as beautiful lessons. The way you treat yourself reflects in your interactions with others, treat yourself with the utmost respect; listen, nourish, love, tend.
For me, when I find myself challenged with doing the above, getting outside & moving my body in a way that feels good always helps to reset!

What is your favorite system in the body?

It's difficult to choose just one as they are all so interconnected and dependent on one another. My latest intrigue is the nervous & fascia system interface and how it so closely links in with chronic pain (physical & mental). As we begin to heal from an injury or traumatic experience, it is fascinating how much strength our nervous system holds on to those patterns created during injury or experience. It's our body continuing to "protect" itself. Myofascial release in connection with craniosacral techniques, I believe, provides multitudes of pain relief in ways we don't even fully understand.


Favorite thing to do in Sandpoint?

I love spending time in the natural beauty this place has to offer. Hiking in the Selkirk & Cabinet Mountains to plunging my body into Lake Pend Oreille are amongst my favorites! The people here are pretty amazing too!