Shawnn Carlson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tell us about your massage school and other trainings: 

  • B.A. degree in Health Science from Whitworth University with a focus in Kinesiology and Exercise Science

  • LMT in WA and ID accredited through Inland Massage Institute 2015

  • Medical Massage Certificate (MMC)- LMT Success group

  • 2016-2021 Medical Massage Therapist at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Occupational Medicine Clinic

I'm a committed medical massage therapist with a deep focus on injury rehabilitation and mobility training. Drawing from my background in sports,where I had the opportunity to compete in college-level soccer, my passion for the human body and wellness led me to pursue a career in therapeutic massage.

Since 2021, I've had the honor of being a part of Sandpoint Medical Massage, where I strive to use my knowledge in musculoskeletal imbalance analysis and treatment to assist in the healing of injuries and to help prevent future ones for my clients.

My journey towards becoming a highly skilled therapist started with earning my B.A. degree in Health Science from Whitworth University, where I focused on Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Seeking to deepen my understanding of bodywork, I pursued further education at the Inland Massage Institute in Spokane, Washington. Motivated by my growing interest in injury rehabilitation, I then obtained certification in Medical Massage through LMT Success Group.

Over the span of five years, I had the privilege of refining my skills while working alongside Physical Therapists at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Occupational Medicine Clinic. This hands-on experience provided me with invaluable insights into addressing a wide array of work-related injuries.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, I continuously strive to improve and refine my approach to therapy. My holistic perspective on healing, combined with extensive training and practical experience, enables me to provide compassionate and effective care to my clients. My ultimate goal is to support individuals on their healing journeys, empowering them to achieve optimal health and well-being.

What bodywork are you currently studying?

I'm dedicated to expanding my expertise in myofascial release and targeted muscle therapy to better assist individuals with muscular imbalances caused by injury or to prevent future injuries. Additionally, I'm deepening my understanding of functional patterns and biomechanical movement to effectively apply these concepts in optimizing balance within the fascial kinetic chain of the human body.

By staying at the forefront of these modalities, I aim to provide comprehensive and effective care to my clients, ensuring they receive the most advanced and tailored treatments available. Whether you're recovering from an injury or striving for peak performance, I'm here to help you achieve your goals and maintain optimal physical health.


What do you want people to know about their body?

Our bodies are incredible machines constantly renewing and repairing themselves through cellular regeneration. This means we're all designed to adapt and evolve, all in pursuit of one ultimate goal: movement.

I am passionate about helping you unlock the potential of your body. Through specialized therapies and personalized care, I’m here to support your journey towards optimal movement and overall wellness. I encourage you to embark on a path to discovering the amazing capabilities of your body.

What do you want people to know about health and wellness?

Health and wellness are not just destinations—they're ongoing journeys and investments in ourselves. It's about prioritizing our well-being and allowing time for progress to unfold. With dedication and patience, consistent effort and awareness of our body's needs pave the way for a lifestyle that fosters thriving through movement and self-expression.

I’m committed to guiding you on this transformative journey, and I am here to support you in prioritizing your health and wellness goals.

Self-Care Advice

Discover the Power of Self-Care! When it comes to self-care, one of the most important things is to vary your movements. As both a practitioner and an athlete, I've learned how crucial this is. Diversifying your movement patterns helps build body awareness and resilience to gravity, which impacts every aspect of our lives.

To achieve this, dedicate time to 'training' your body through strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. This helps optimize your mobility and overall well-being. Additionally, focus on addressing any imbalances that may arise from repetitive activities or sedentary lifestyles by getting creative with your workouts. Whether it's dancing, yoga, or simply taking a walk, find activities that you enjoy and that challenge your body.

Remember, our bodies are meant to move. So, don't forget to breathe, stay hydrated, and keep it moving! Prioritize your self-care journey today and reap the benefits of a healthier, more vibrant life.

What is your favorite system in the body?

Choosing a favorite system in the body is tough for me, given the complexity of our physiology. However, if I have to choose, it would be the neuromuscular system. The intricate interplay between our nervous and muscular systems never fails to fascinate me.

I am passionate about understanding the physiological concepts that govern our bodies and how they interact with our anatomy..

Favorite thing to do in Sandpoint?

When it comes to my favorite activities in Sandpoint, it's all about embracing the seasons. As a lover of creativity, I find joy in interpreting our stunning natural landscape through various outdoor adventures. Whether it's the thrill of snowboarding in winter or hitting the mountain biking trails in warmer months, I'm always drawn to activities that allow me to connect with the elements.

Experience the benefits of my specialized approach at Sandpoint Medical Massage today. Schedule your appointment to start your journey towards improved mobility and overall wellness.