Wendy Bent

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tell us about your massage school and other trainings: 

I began my college career as a Nursing major. I loved my Anatomy and Physiology classes. After one quarter of nursing school, I realized that profession was way too stressful for me. I ended up graduating from the University of California, Irvine with my BA in Social Ecology with an emphasis in Psychology in 1989. At the end of my college career, I had a spiritual awakening and I started praying earnestly for clarity in my life calling. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was meant to connect directly with people. Being the adventurous soul that I was, I headed off to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to attended American Institute of Massage Therapy. It was nothing short of a divine appointment, meeting up with the right people at the right time. I graduated in 1990. I’ve never looked back. I love performing Bodywork and I especially love seeing clients get up off my table transformed. It is very rewarding work for me.

What bodywork are you currently studying?

I have three types of massage I am always concurrently studying and looking to improve upon. Relaxing, “make me go away” Swedish Massage. “I’m in pain, fix me” Trigger Point Therapy/Myofascial Massage, and Ashiatsu Massage. I have been practicing Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage for the past 3 years.

Inter-weaved within the Ashiatsu Massage I practice are aspects of stretching and Thai Massage techniques. Ashiatsu Massage has taken my career to a whole new level of being able to perform slow, deep compression massage for clients who can’t seem to get a "deep enough” massage to bring relief or satisfaction. It’s very effective and even though it is deeper than Trigger Point/Myofascial Massage, it is not as painful.

I have heard it said that it’s the most “luxurious" massage you will ever receive. That’s what I thought after the first Ashiatsu Massage I had. I came out of that room saying, "This is the best massage I have ever had." Ashiatsu has been super fun to learn and perform but it is definitely not for folks who don’t like deep pressure.



What do you want people to know about their body?

Should you get “broken and stuck” mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally in life, you are made to heal. You are more resilient than you know, more loved than you can imagine and beyond astonishing and wonderfully made.


What do you want people to know about health and wellness?

You can’t be healthy and well if you are offended at yourself or others, focus on your complaints or worry all the time. Kindness, mercy and forgiveness are some wonderful medicines for the soul, but praise and thankfulness to your Creator probably tops them all. Stewarding well the inner man, the outer physical man will be sure to benefit.

Self-Care Advice

Sweat every day, eat organic, whole foods and drink plenty of pure, clean water for the physical body. But for the soul, cultivate a thankful heart, especially in the midst of adversity.

What is your favorite system in the body?

Being a bodyworker, I love studying the muscular system. Our bodies are a marvel to contemplate and beautifully made. What I find even more fascinating is the study of our whole being, body, mind and spirit and the spiritual laws that govern the whole being. I never grow tired of discovering the gems of how life is created to work. It’s my passion to help people relieve the pain in their body and when applicable to tie it all together and connect the beautiful harmony meant to be between these three. This has been the study of my life and my deep passion.

Favorite thing to do in Sandpoint?

I love exploring this beautiful, awe-inspiring land we live in.  I love hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, biking and taking day trips to see the sights.  I often take time to reflect on how blessed I am to be here in this incredible place. I equally treasure the time I get to spend doing the amazing art of bodywork that has become my life work.  I feel honored and I cherish the time I spend working with each one of my clients, helping them relieve their pain or just relaxing them.  My heart is to bless humanity through this gift of touch.